Decco Fenato Pot is a fumigant with fungicidal and bactericidal activity, ideal for the
disinfection of empty rooms.
Disinfection can be carried out not later than 3 weeks before using the room respecting the
following instructions:
1. before the treatment, wash vigorously the walls, the floor and the ceiling of the rooms
including any part of the refrigeration system
2. close the rooms and turn off any smoke detectors
3. seal any air intakes
4. protect any photoelectric cells and hygrometric probes
5. stop the ventilation systems of the premises

At this point, place the DECCOFENATO cans in different places, in number and sizes
corresponding to the volume to be treated, on a support, heat resistant, placed on the floor and proceed as follows:
1. open the cans and turn on the wicks
2. immediately leave the room and close it tightly and not entering for the whole duration of the treatment
3. The product takes from 6 to 8 minutes approx to spread
4. once the combustion is finished, reactivate the ventilation for 30 minutes. Access, in the
absence of ventilation, can occur only when the smoke completely disappear
5. the opening of the room will take place not before than 24 hours have passed since the
beginning of the application

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