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DECCOSOL is a special cleanser to remove dust and pesticide residues that are deposited on the skin of the fruit.

The formulation does not interfere with the structure of the natural wax of the fruit.


Biodegradable anionic and nonionic surfactants > 90%: 20%

Ammonium hydroxide: 0.2%
Demineralized water: up to 100%


Recommended 200 kg DECCOSOL to wash about 600 tons of fruit.
The product can be applied in a tank or through nozzles fed by a metering pump with the combined action of a brush.
Whichever method is used, DECCOSOL must be diluted with water in a ratio of 1:100. For example, in the case of a metering pump that draws 10 cc of product, the line must deliver 990 cc of water, so in total through emitters or nozzles come out 1000 cc of mixture.


The amount of the resulting foam is not proportional to the product’s ability to clean the fruit and the effectiveness of the detergent depends mainly on the hardness of the water and the proper dilution ratio product: water.

In the event that the cleaner is applied in the tank, we recommend replacing the solution every day because DECCOSOL not prevent bacterial infections.
After treatment with DECCOSOL rinse fruits.
Aqueous solution with components biodegradability over 90%.

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