DECCO is the post harvest division of United Phosphorus Limited (UPL) and a very dedicated specialist on fruit treatments & services. With over 50 years of experience in the fresh fruit industry all over the world, we very proudly are responsible of major technical innovations which position our company as an indisputable industry leader. The fruit of our effort is translated into development, construction and installation of high-tech application systems that guarantee our products deliver a good treatment efficacy.

The DECCO post harvest solutions provides you with coatings, cleaners, sanitizers, fungicides, growth regulators and anti-scalds. However DECCO quality does not end with our product range sale. We back all of our treatments with the most knowledgeable, most experienced technical service teams in the industry, providing assistance with residue analysis, monitoring fungicide residues, tank concentrations and weight loss studies to spore assays, resistance management and IPM programs.

At our DECCO manufactoring and research facilities in the United States, Spain, Italy, France, Israel, India and China we constantly strive to improving our formulations, products and equipment services. In our produce rooms we can simulate all type of conditions that may exist in packing and storage areas. Today the global market is more competitive than ever before.

We at DECCO are doing what it takes to help you succeed and prosper in this dynamic environment. Nobody understands your challenges better than we do. Nobody works harder to help you find solutions. And nobody is better prepared to help you build your future. You can count on DECCO now. We create smart protection.